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Reading Websites

Reading Websites

Internet 4 Classrooms

A nearly endless supply of resources for almost any skill.  It is arranged
by grade level, subject matter and skill.

Crossword challenge

use cloze sentences to fill in a crossword


Mini games based on math and reading skills..  But beware of advertisements.

Transport to reading

Join Garfield to enhance your reading skills.  You can focus on skills from phonics and phonemic awareness all the way to sequencing and comprehension of a comic strip.


lay games with your favorite scholastic characters.  I Spy, Clifford & Friends, Magic School Bus and many more.

PBS Kids

Games available for early childhood.

A game day

Orders a calendar with a quick new game for each weekday of the month.  Great for Interactive whiteboard bell work.

Instantly create word webs.  (Warning.. be sure that you type in the word ahead of time, there can be some suprising results.)


Charts prefixes and suffixes along with meaning.

Spell it right:suffix

Suffixes with meaning and examples

Spell it right Prefix

Prefixes with meaning

Definitions of root word, prefix and suffix as well as charts or meanings of the words.

Root word games Words/

a variety of games using root words





Many different games such as word searches and putting sentences in order.


Roy the Zebra

A cute story about a zebra with before and after questions to answer.  It also has games about punctuation, making sense, capital letters, the alphabet and rhyming words.


Word World

Interactive book, videos and find the word pictures



Phonics readers and games



Games for opposites, synonyms, making sentences, sounding out words and many more.


Internet 4 Classrooms

A nearly endless supply of resources for almost any skill.  It is arranged by grade level, subject matter and skill.


Word Builder


Spelling Wizard

Type in your own spelling words to play spelling scramble or word search.


Sesame Street


Knowledge Box


Little Fingers


TVO Kids


Free Reading



Between the Lions


Seussville University


Building Language for Literacy


Word Sort


Letter Match


Create – a – Reader


Sounds Fun




Word Blender


Word Builder


PBS Kids


Look Cover Spell

Practice spelling from word lists.  It shows the word, then a hand covers the word, then the student spells it.


BBC Schools




Literacy Center


Elmo’s Keyboard – o – Rama


Pauly’s Playhouse


Harcourt Trophies


Kapable Kidz


Spelling Bee


Kindergarten Link




This is a paid site, but many libraries including the one linked to above offer it for free.  This is a great place to listen to a story with a little animation.


Internet 4 Classrooms

A nearly endless supply of resources for almost any skill.  It is arranged by grade level, subject matter and skill.


Graphic Organizers 5/graphorg

All types of Graphic Organizers


Book Adventure

This is a free service, but your student must enroll.  Once they are enrolled they can take quizzes over books they have read.



Search for websites on any topic


Reading Ring ReadingRing.html

Sequencing and comprehension with Garfield


Into the Book

Reading strategy mini lessons




Comfy Corner

Stories that are read and animated


Time for Kids

Kids can read articles written just for them.


Story Place


Giggle Poetry

Poems that are funny, written about topics that students can relate to.


Good Night Stories




Magnetic Poetry

Make magnetic poetry online.


Super Thinkers

Use reading logic to solve the case


Mystery Net


Poetry 4 Kids


Inkless Tales

Dolche Stories






Highlight Kids Adventure .asp

short stories you can use for reading


Storyline online

stories read by celebrities  


Big Universe




Mighty Book


Children’s Books


Wired for Books





Kidspiration Templates


Kid Reads




Subject/Verb agreement


Power Proofreading 5/proofread/index.html



Grammar Blast 5/grammar/


Writing Evaluation Station 5/evalstation/


Graphic Organizers 5/graphorg/


Wacky Web Tales


Punctuation Paintball


Writing Lesson Plans


6 Trait Writing


The Scriptorium


The Story Starter


Read Write Think mat/index.asp


Letter Pop

Create your own newsletters


Brain Pop




Sentence Clubhouse pre.html




Loopy v6 withloop.html


PicLit dragdrop.aspx


Writing with Writers



http://thewritesource.scom/writing topics/





Game Zone-Grammar Games


Dolch Word List


Learning Vocabulary Fun




Magnetic Poetry


Shape Poetry


Kids writing on the net









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