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PBIS Expectation

Bourg School Expectations can be found my clicking the link below. The faculty, staff, parents, and students help to develop the expectations.

rules and expectations matrix.pdf



    1.  Each child will be given a  positive reward card at the beginning of each nine weeks.  If a faculty or staff member feels that parental help is needed in reviewing rules with the child, the infraction will be written on the reward card. 

     2.  At the end of the nine weeks, all children will be invited to attend the positive reward event, as long as the criteria for the event has been met.  Criteria is as follows for each nine weeks:  3 or less infractions are recorded, at least a B average has been earned for classroom conduct, and no major office referrals have been issued. 

     3.  A state discipline (major office referral) will keep a child from earning the reward for the nine weeks.


Weekly Reward:

Each child earning an "A" or "B" in conduct for the week will be able to wear jeans on Mondays.


2021-22 Nine Weeks Rewards:

1st 9 weeks: Safari Movie & Snack

2nd 9 weeks: Safari Art Hour

3rd 9 weeks: Safari Bingo

4th 9 weeks Safari Dance Party



Balloon Dance Party
Balloon Dance
Balloon Dance
Balloon Dance
Balloon Dance